YakAttack SideStage Pro Rod Rock LocknLoad Mounting System

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New to the YakAttack arsenal for 2024 is the SideStage Pro. The SideStage Pro is our take on a horizontal rod stager, but with all of the innovation and adjustability you would expect from YakAttack. This system is sold as a pair and comes with everything you need to stage and secure up to three rods. It introduces an all-new attachment system called ClickTrac. The ClickTrac Rail System allows you to easily attach, adjust and remove your accessories with the push of a button. For those who use a bow-mounted motor or pedal drive on their kayak off the side horizontal rod stagers like the SideStage could be a nice option to get three rods within reach and easy to access.

The SideStage is offered in three variations. The SideStage, the SideStage Pro, and the SideStage Pro with TurnKey Adapters (for aluminum boats). The SideStage Pro is an upgraded version of the SideStage that is similar to its other variations in every way, except how it attaches to your track system. The Pro version attaches to your kayak track using our LockNLoad system and gives you vertical adjustability not found on the base model. Like all products found in the LockNLoad family, you have the ability to quickly connect and disconnect from the track base and pivot a full 360 degrees.

The ClickTrac Rail is a new mounting platform that features a series of teeth on the top and bottom of the rail which give you the base to attach and adjust. Attach the ClickTrac Rail to the track adapter by depressing the orange button on the track mount and sliding the bottom of the ClickTrac Rail through the clamp. Once you remove pressure from the mount button, the rail will lock into place. Use this same process to adjust the overhang of the rail to achieve the desired positioning. The top half of the SideStage will be the same for all models and will come with three FlipGrips on each ClickTrac Rail. The FlipGrip slides along the top of the rail the same as the rail rides in your track mounted clamp. By depressing the orange FlipGrip release button, the cradle is free to slide up and down the ClickTrac Rail.

The FlipGrip features three positions. In the “Open” position, it can be used simply as a rod stager. Next is the “Closed” position, where the FlipGrip gets its name. By flipping the retaining lever over a rubber band stretches over your rod to apply positive pressure on varying sizes of rod diameters. Finally, on the front of the FlipGrip, there is a locking lever. Flip the locking lever up and over the retention lever to use the “Locked” position for extra security.

The mechanics of the FlipGrip allow you to apply the same pressure to rod butts and rod tips alike, and as mentioned above, the FlipGrip will work with your paddle, stakeout pole, or any tool with a diameter up to 1.25 inches.

Injection-molded from UV stabilized polymers, the FlipGrip will last for many years, even in harsh marine environments.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Stage and secure up to three rods
  • Horizontal Rod Stager
  • Requires two GearTrac attachment points
  • Track Mounted
  • Compatible with Spinning and Casting gear
  • Designed for terrain where vertical rods don’t make sense
  • Optimized for pedal drive and motored kayaks, primarily bow-mounted motors
  • Compatible with GearTrac, MightyMounts, most other factory installed kayak track
  • Features two ClickTrac Rails – 14” Rails
  • Includes six (6) FlipGrips with retention bands
  • Includes three (3) additional retention bands
  • Includes two ClickTrac RailClamps
  • Adjust rail positioning / overhang with the push of a button
  • Build for use in harsh marine conditions
  • Includes rubber bumpers for soft opening and closing
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
  • SKU: RHM-1007
  • UPC: 819731016958

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