YakAttack Rotogrip Leash Plug Adapter, Item #LPA-1008

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YakAttack Rotogrip Leash Plug Adapter, Item #LPA-1008

The new YakAttack Leash Plug Adapter attaches to stand up paddle board leash plugs. Includes a YakAttack RotoGrip™ Paddle Holder which is compatible with standard shaft paddles.

Included with this kit are three black spacers. The spacers are used to adjust the height of the paddle so the j-hook doesn’t come in contact with your paddle shaft. Start out using one spacer and tighten till snug. If the top of the metal j-hook comes in contact with you paddle shaft then add a second spacer. Do not over-tighten.

  • Patent Pending
  • Features the LockNLoad compatible Leash Plug Adapter
  • SKU: LPA-1008


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