Hobie Rod Holder Extension/Adjustable

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Hobie Rod Holder Extension/Adjustable

Part #72020074

Fits into Hobie's molded-in rod holders and fastens to the boat using 2 straps and padeyes (included).  Release the lever to adjust the angle of the rod holder and clamp it in place to engage the teeth once the desired angle is reached.  This product allows customers to adjust the angle of their rod so it is best suited for their fishing situation.  It is a tube design with a removable gimbal pin and a reel holder that can be rotated to orient baitcasting or spinning rods into the perfect position.  The two oversized padeyes can be used for rod leashes.  Extremely popular with anglers who like to troll.  Hobie recommends using a rod leash to tether your rod to the kayak when fishing for big game.



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