Hobie Cat Side Shroud Hobie 16 Black Coated Factory original, Item #20792011

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This is Part # 20792011 Hobie factory side shroud for Hobie 16 Black coated. THESE ARE FACTORY MADE BY HOBIE NOT AFTER MARKET PARTS.   Note: These shrouds are 18' 10 1/4" long finished with thimble at each end. This is the newer spec from Hobie Cat that allows the mast to be raked back further than some older boats . The old shrouds were 19' 1/4" long. So these are 2" shorter than shrouds used on some older boats. If you are replacing these on an older boat you may need to extend the forestay with an dditional adjuster or buy a new spec forestay that is longer. The newer lower foretay is 17' 6" long that we also have listed in our Ebay Store.

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