Hobie 16 Low Profile Jib Car Swivel Cleat

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Low profile Jib Block for the Hobie 16' with original stainless steel tracks. It is a basic swivel cam cleat with roller fair-lead and Ronstan jaw cam-matic, mounted on a  slide. It self aligns with the angle from which the sheet rope is being held for ease of clearing no matter where the crew is positioned. It is one piece, easy to install, light weight, low profile, interchangeable with left or right side and self aimed at the windward side of the boat.  This is an up release cleat which works much nicer than beating the tramp to death trying to uncleat old down release cleats.

Note:  Sometimes these cars are tight in the tracks.  Hobie recommends using a wide blade flat screwdriver to pry out tracks slightly for a easier fit and so the car moves more freely.

Part# 1075  this is for one cleat

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