YakAttack Through Hull Wiring Kit, Item #EMS-1001

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YakAttack Through Hull Wiring Kit, Item #EMS-1001

The YakAttack Through Hull Wiring Kit is a perfect solution if you need to run any wiring through the hull of your kayak. Not only through the hull, but this is also ideal for attaching to the underneath of different dry pods. From fish finders to lighting kits to motors, and anything else that requires running wires through your hull, YakAttack has provided an excellent solution for keeping everything safe and protected. The Bonafide Kayaks Dry Pod and the Wilderness Systems Flex Pod are also common areas that anglers mount transducers, and this system workes well on those as well. To ensure the most secure fit, YakAttack includes eight rubber inserts in the most common hole sizes. They also provide you with four blank inserts, two nylon grommets, and two sets of hardware. Having to cut a hole into your kayak can be quite scary, so YakAttack has created a solution to ease your mind.

Hole diameter sizes that are included:
A - 0.166"
B - 0.191"
C - 0.205"
D - 0.345"
F - Blank

Key features and benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • 8 rubber inserts included
  • 4 blank inserts included
  • 2 nylon grommets included
  • 2 sets of hardware included
  • Easy installation
  • Covered by YakAttack's Built for Life Guarantee

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