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kayak alarm system

Canoe and Kayak Security is essential for all those involved in the sport in  today's theft-plagued economy.  With the cost of a well outfitted kayak or canoe easily exceeding $1,000, more and more small watercraft are being stolen from car tops and campgrounds.  Avoid becoming  just another statistic to a vicious thief or thug.  When it comes to your kayak orcanoe, don't  use a standard easily defeated cable lock.  Make thugs and thieves seek out easier prey with an attention-getting 120 decibel SCREAMING Cable Lock Alarm fromALARM IT!

Our Stainless Steel Programmable Combination Main Unit with 4 ft. 6.5 millimeter aircraft quality braided cable, 20 ft. 5mm braided cable and mounting hardware. Perfect for sit-on-top fishing kayaks and includes our mounting and cable routing hardware for your "yak". When exploring and camping, use the 20 ft. cable to lock your fishing and camping gear when away from your "yak". Requires standard 9 volt battery (not included)

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