Hobie Getaway Motor Mount by Cheata, Item #3184

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Hobie Getaway Motor Mount by Cheata, Item #3184

For use with a small electric motor on the Hobie Getaway.

Hobie Getaway Motor Mount by Cheata, Item #3184

For use with a small electric motor on the Hobie Getaway.

Instructions: The installation of the Cheata Motor bracket for the Hobie Getaway is similar to the Hobie 18. The bracket looks like the Hobie 18. There is the main casting underneath the rear cross bar and a small casting on top of the rear cross bar for the 3½” X ¼” bolt to go through.

The difference with the Getaway is the elliptical rear cross bar is turned around so that wide part is facing forward rather than like the Hobie 18 or 16. The trampoline is laced from tads in the rear to a ¼” nylon rod running the full width of the trampoline.

You need to unlace the rear center of the Getaway trampoline allowing the trampoline to be loose in the center so that you have room to install the bracket.

The main casting goes under the Getaway just like the Hobie 18 and it should follow the curvature of the rear cross bar.

Please go to the photo section and go to page 3. There is a cross section of the rear cross bar that shows how the bracket should be installed and there are measurements shown IN RED. Please note the small rib inside the the extruded aluminum. The ¼" bolts should go to the inside or forward of the rib and the rivets should go to the outside or toward the rear of the rib.

The ¼” bolts will go parallel to the each other when bolting the bracket. The small castings should be placed next to the cam block, but this is only a guide to get you close. You’ll have to either clamp the bracket or hold it, then sight the bolts to better judge where the small castings should be positioned.  The ¼” hole will be approximately 1½" from the rear of the rear cross bar as shown in the cross section photo.

I am now giving a measurement of the distance between the 2 small castings. It usually measures approximately 2½".  Measure the 2½" from a centerline thus making it 1¼" to the left and 1¼" to the right. that way you should be able to keep the ¼" bolts parallel.

One other item I need to mention. When the Getaway was first constructed there was not the stainless steel plate under the rear cross bar.  In the last few years, it has come to my attention that this stainless steel plate now exist.  You can if you wish install the bracket over the plate and even though it will not lay flush, it will work.  Others may want the castings to lay flush and may take the time (approximately 30 minutes) to grind the front of the castings so the bracket will lay flat. I would position the rivet in front of the rib between the top of the rear cross bar and the bottom.  The measurement of the rivet hole would be ½" from the end of the rear crossbar.  If the rivets pull out, this is probably because it was drilled too close to the rib connecting the top and bottom of the cross bar. If that happens, then 2 large SS sheet metal screws will solve the problem without having to redrill.

WHEN YOU DRILL THE ¼” HOLE, ONLY DRILL THE BOTTOM HOLE FROM THE BOTTOM AND THE TOP HOLE FROM TOP. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRILL ALL THE WAY THROUGH FROM EITHER THE BOTTOM OR THE TOP. Once these holes have been located, the bracket can be bolted to the rear cross bar. ONLY MAKE THE BOLTS SNUG,  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THESE BOLTS, JUST SNUG. Now you can drill the 3/16” drill hole for the rivet.  The rivets are what carry most of the weight of the motor. Each rivet has a sheer strength of 1000 pounds.  The pop rivets are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to pop off with the common pop rivet gun.  I own a Stanley pop rivet gun and have found if you get 2 pipes and slide them over the handles you can make the handles as long as you want and have more leverage.

Now you are ready to re-lace the trampoline back if you are assembling to the Getaway. The ¼” rod will have to go over the motor bracket and not be flush with the rear cross bar as it was before, but that should be OK.

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