Hobie Cat Trapeze Rig Adjustable Kit Double

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Hobie Cat Trapeze Rig Adjustable Kit Double

Hobie cat part # 1204

This is a great kit to make your trapeze  height adjustable.  Adjust the level of the entire system, ring and handle.  Always have the trapeze "T" handle at the proper comfortable to reach level.  Crew can move fore and aft to extremes and maintain efficient and comfortable trapeze level.  Stock trapeze wires need to be shortened by approx. 8" .  Order trapeze rings and bungee separately or use your old ones.  kit includes

  • 2 wire pigtails with T handles and two harken blocks attached to each end
  • 2 adjuster lines
  • 2 Aluminum clam cleats
  • 2 shackles
  • 2 rope locks


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