Melissa Kegg, tournament bass angler, ski instructor, and adventure seeker from Cincinnati, Ohio, has been proudly representing Strictly Sail & Kayak since 2021. Currently fishing out of a Hobie Mirage Lynx kayak courtesy of Strictly Sail, Melissa started her tournament career in an Old Town Loon paddle kayak. Melissa says, “I’m proof it is never too late to find a new passion. I went fishing for the first time in 2009 in my thirties, then fished my first tournament in 2018, and it just all clicked with me… the constantly changing puzzle that the fish present is fascinating to me, the sport feeds my secret love of competition, the kayak bass community is full of some of the most upstanding and supportive people I have ever met, and I am happiest when I am learning something new… and there is so much to learn about fishing!”