Jared got into fishing as a young kid wading the creeks for smallmouth. As fishing in southwest Ohio has become more pressured, he utilized kayaks to get to the remote and less traveled stretches of water. His first fishing kayak was a Hobie Outback that helped him explore the tributaries of the greater Cincinnati area and most importantly introduced him to the Ohio River! As a result the majority of his fishing adventures find him searching for hybrid striped bass throughout the coldest winter months when catching them can be the most rewarding. As the Cincinnati Branch Manager of Aqua Doc, a lake and pond management company, Jared is rarely away from the water. The warmer fishing season is mostly spent fishing with his wife Haley and two kids Charleston (5) and Eloise (2). Jared enjoys kayak fishing because it allows him as a Dad and career focused person to keep his kayak with him at all times and fish at a moments notice.