Born in 1966 in Los Angeles,California I was one of three children and the only male. I grew up in a nice neighborhood and spent most of my time outdoors riding skateboards and ultimately feel in love with competing. As a young boy, I had the luxury of getting into anything that piqued my curiosity track, surfing, hiking the mountains, shooting my first firearm, etc.


fast forward to 1978 my mother moved us to Kentucky. At the age of 13, I quickly learned the reality of a broken marriage and tried to fit in anywhere I could. This proved to be difficult as I was a little different than most of my new friends. Stuck with skateboarding even though people treated me as a criminal and help start my first shake board team. I convinced the owner of a cross country ski shop that a skateboard team was a great idea. finished high school, got married, and decided that I was going to join the U.S. Army. It was a busy year.


After joining the Army and having a great career as well as a son, I decided to go back to being a civilian. IN 1988 I worked various jobs and decided I was going to buy a bass boat and start my own company. Fast forward to six years ago I never bought the bass boat I opted to buy a Kayak instead. This was going to be just a weekend fishing thing, man was I wrong. I quickly was reminded how much I missed the water, camaraderie from the military and learning how to fish. This all turned into joining the Strictly Sail Hobie fishing team and competing in a few local fishing clubs as well. Needless to say, learning how to fish has changed my life in so many ways. I look forward to the start of a new tournament with people that share my passion. Fishing as well as taught me things that make me a better person and a better person to be around.


2022 BOAT: HOBIE PA 14 360