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We recently purchased Hull #01  of this wild machine.  I understand there were 12 of these built for the Pro Sailing Series in the early 1990's.

I have searched the internet and could not find a site with any information on this extreme go fast machine.

If you have ever sailed one, owned one or know of any information on these machines email me and I will post and get the information out there.  

Consider this the unofficial Ultimate 30 Sailboat site.



We purchased this boat in January 2006.  It has been THE project of the year for us.  The boat needed to be refit and cleaned up quite a bit before using. 

The Ultimate Retro Go-Fast Sailboat

This is one of the original Ultimate 30's constructed for the Ultimate pro Sailing circuit.  It has a 30 foot hull, 48 foot mast, 16 foot beam/racks, and 20 foot bowsprit.  It was designed by Ian Murray, and is basically an Aussie 18 skiff on steroids.   There is a hydraulic ram under the mast base that generates massive pre-bend in the mast.

Included sails are 2 mains, 2 jibs, and 1 huge spinnaker

We are in the process of modifying this monster.  We are adding a bulb keel to the bottom of the daggerboard.

The daggerboard by itself weighs 475 lbs and we are adding (bolt on) bulb that weighs around 325 lbs.

We figure the old guys sailing it need a little more stability and a little more reaction time.



New pictures added 6/3/2006 from former owner (these are thumbnails click on picture to enlarge)

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Just received some new information on the Ultimate 30 we own.

see this link for some pictures of some Ultimate 30s 

here are some excerpts from email's I received  from Paul James who sailed this boat some time back

"Our first Race we did in the 30 hear in Seattle we averaged 28 knots down wind over 7 miles and was the most fun I have ever had on a sail boat."

Bob, I came across your site and noticed that you were looking for info on the Ultimate 30's.
I am up in Seattle and was a co-owner in an Ultimate 30 called Loose Screw (formerly Chattanooga Chew). I have kept track of most of them over the years and have quite a bit of knowledge and information on them. You have a link to Bob Ames site, That is the boat that I was co-owner in. You can find several pictures at my website:
If there is any specific information you are looking for I would be happy to provide what I can. I have not taken the time to put up the information.
It looks like you have the boat Ziti which I have sailed on as well and I know one of the previous owners. Below is an email I sent to the previous owners that had the boat down in Georgia.
Paul James


The name “Ziti” is actually the abbreviation for something like “Z(something) Technologies” or “ZT”.  

The boat was purchased from Wayne Womack in Monterey, CA.  He was the original owner who had the boat built in Australia.  The boat was designed by Ian Murray and built by the same yard that built the “Abra Cadabra” boats.  In fact the balsa core of Ziti is the leftovers from the Abra Cadabra hull being built at the same time.

The boat’s first race was in Hawaii for the 2nd race of the Ziploc series.  Get this….the boat was Fed Ex’d from Austrailia!  Pretty funny.

As many of the Ultimates were built using the International 14 concepts (deeper, more buoyant), Ziti and Hexcel were built using the Australian 18 as a model.  The bows were very sharp, and the boats need at least some wind to move.  Though they were stickier in the water, they were the fastest things in the wind.  Stable, quiet, and never felt like you were fighting the boat.

The racks on Ziti and Hexcel were built out of thick carbon fiber tubes and created a kinda of structural skeleton in the boat.  This created a boat that was very stiff and very light.

Ziti and Hexcel also appeared to be the only two boats to use advanced hydraulics for both the mast ram and the shroud tensioners.  The shroud tensioners were very clever

ly designed to allow for very minute changes in the rig. 

This boat was a marvel of very elegant, clean, and clever solutions.  I can see why Austrailian 18s are so well loved.

In the higher breezes of the 1993 North Americans the beat to weather was a major pain, but as soon as we turned down wind and hoisted the chute, everything got eerily quite.  We were moving at somewhere around 30-35 knots and it was dead silence.  All you could hear was a quiet sound of water rushing by the hull.





fresh paint job

These next photos show some of the keel work (these  are thumbnails click on image to make full size)



ultimate 30_1507.JPG (161469 bytes) ultimate 30_1508.JPG (161929 bytes)  ultimate 30_1509.JPG (164501 bytes)

photo gallery

these are thumbnails click on image to make full size.

100_2908.JPG (175245 bytes)  100_3053.JPG (164595 bytes)  100_3052.JPG (138595 bytes)

100_3073.JPG (174408 bytes)  100_3084.JPG (159840 bytes)  100_3081.JPG (172996 bytes)





upwind2.jpg (49211 bytes)   spin1.jpg (88012 bytes)

these are thumbnails click on picture to make full size.  These shots were taken by former owner.

Thanks to Jeff Gegner for this link to some additional information  ultimate 30 information

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